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Every time I go on one of these proxy sites all I see is adverts of big cocks and it’s vey distracting

Anonymous asked: Sarah i love ur outfits. I have a few myself. Ur cock looks so delicious. Do u go out dressed up in public?

I go clubbing occasionally not as much as I should/ could I don’t really have any / many tgirl friends in my area

But I usually make the effort every few months

ashleyleesissyblog asked: Hi Sarah. I'm Ashley lee. Love your blog so much. Has helped so much in rough times since I lost all my friends when I decided to take the next step into my new femininity. But it has been the best choice ever for me!! The only person who stood by me was my BFF Joan. I moved in with her and since that day she made me promise her I would forget my male past and embrace being my girly/sissy self. Your blog gave me the assurance I was going to be ok. I'm so grateful to you:):)!!

Hi Ashley,

It’s good to hear from from you, I’m glad you’ve been able to take something positive away from my blog, I thought it was just a place for people to perv over me (which I love btw) but knowing you’ve gleaned some inspiration from me just being me has put a smile on my face this morning.

I wish you all the best on your journey

Sarah x x x

Asks on the ask button

Submits on the submit

Surely it’s not that hard

Sarah x x x

Anonymous asked: Good morning Sarah, I am seeing you for the first time. You are gorgeous and extremely sexy. I am a 6'4" handsome gentleman and am imagining being behind your 5'11" gorgeous body while we face the same way and I envelope you in my arms, holding you close and gently kissing your neck. The thought is getting my day started very pleasantly. That's certainly not a question, so I'll ask, how are you today?

Anonymous asked: Probably a silly question, but do you have an adam's apple?

Lead and I’ll follow 😜

Any t-girls, sissies, crossdresser’s, trans or guys with big cocks, who regularly post pics of themselves and think I should be following them let me know

Sarah x x x

Captions / Draw

I really want someone to caption my pics or Draw me

It can be as rude as you like

Sarah x x x

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