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Easter Sunday and looking out my window the world seems devoid of life! Have the Zombies finally come?

Sarah x x x

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Some of the shit I see on here is literally shit: figuratively

For example, this!

Sarah x x x

spudrph asked: You're incredibly beautiful. Very very hot

Always love to open tumblr and see a compliment, makes me smile so Thank you!

Questions are always welcome as well because that’s how conversation start

Sarah x x x

jocha666 asked: Hi sarah how are you?

I’m fabulous as always 😛, and yourself? What’s going on in your world tonight?

Sarah x x x

defaced-mural-deactivated201403 asked: Ah, thank you darling. This is my first time watching, and I absolutely love it! Bianca is my definite favorite.

Go back and download all 6 seasons! And Drag Race Allstars! I didn’t start watching till Season 4, as it don’t think it airs here in the UK anymore but I’ve now watched every episode of Drag Race and Untucked! I’m a little bit of an addict!

defaced-mural-deactivated201403 asked: Ah, we have the same favorite queens on RPDR! :D

Then I must say you have an impeccable taste in Queens, it wasn’t such a hard decision last year I only had Jinkx and Alaska as favourites, well maybe Ivy as well, so I guess my favourites will get easier to pick as the weeks go on!

Sarah x x x

What’s occurring?

What are people up to tonight? Kinda bored and alone what’s going on in your world?

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